Wild Mountain Highland Heather Harvest Festival

Date:September 21st - 23rd 2019

Venue: Mother Natures Great Outdoor Art Gallery Heather Clad Hills Scotland

Art : Original 'Froachan' 3 D Bio-geometric Art embellished with Platinum Gold / Silver leaf & Edible Art Designer Products by Antosa ©

The Harvest Moon 2019

Wild Heather's Hand Harvesting was completed by the light of the Rare Harvest Moon on 13th September 2019

And now the delicate, intricate, highly skilled Art of Creating Deli-isher's Exclusive Hand Harvested & Crafted Wild Mountain Highland Heather Blossom Tea & Nectar of the Gods Begins!

PS. A Magical Wild Mountain Highland Heather Harvest Festival/Picnic took place for all who helped with Wild Heather'sHand Harvesting & Crafting!:) x

Wild Mountain Highland Heather's

Ancient Proven Track Record

Archaeological finds in Scotland on the Isle of Mull & in the Kingdom of Fife uncovered drinking vessels used some 4,0000 yrs ago with residue of Highland Heather attached.

Ancient Scottish Pict's & Celts created Heather Ales, and the Druids revered Highland Heather as a Sacred Flower.

In Sweden to this day it is used as an Excellent Herbal Well-being beverage with reported health benefits: Gentle Inner Beauty cleanser, Detox, Calming, relieves Aches, Pains with its reported anti-inflammatory properties which aids relief with rheumatism & Arthritis,


Delicate, mild, with light earthy undertones, emitting a unique floral blossom fusion , slight almost sweet after taste like a gentle symphonic harmony for the taste buds

Slainte Mhath

Experience a Wee Walk on the Wild Side

Experience The Taste & Spirit 'O' Wild, Rugged, Romantic Scotland

In Every Sip!

Hand Harvested/Crafted Wild Mountain Highland Heather Blossom Tea

Blossom to Pot!

Slainte Mhath

Wild Mountain Highland Heather Nectar of the Gods

Blossom to Bottle!

Slainte Mhath